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Japan Overseas Wedding Ceremony and Overseas Pre Wedding Locations:
Kyoto, Okinawa, Kawagoe, Tokyo, Karuizawa, Kamakura, Furano, Sapporo, Otaru, Takayama
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Kyoto, Japan Wedding Photos
Kyoto, one of the most charming cities in Japan, includes spectacular and traditional locations for many wedding couples to feature their love moment. Let's arrange the most delightful experience with you in this romantic place. No matter bringing your wedding dress abroad or using our kimono rental service, we will assist you to be the beautiful bride on the pre-wedding photo shooting day. Our experienced Japanese photographers who are specialists in pre-wedding photography will provide the best services to every couple in order to let you have a taste of this historical city.

Okinawa, Japan Wedding Photos

Exchanging your sweetest and eternal wedding vow in Okinawa, a place with beautiful sea, lovely blue sky and gorgeous coral, is the dream of many couples. Having your overseas wedding ceremony or pre-wedding photography in Okinawa will let you experience the blessings from angels and leads to the sweetest and most romantic moment ever in your life. Being named as the “Hawaii in Japan”, beautiful sea and white sand can be found anywhere in Okinawa. With different types of water-sports and lovely islands nearby, you can enjoy the most romantic and sweetest wedding here in this paradise.
Kawagoe temple
Being named as the Edo warehouse city, Kawagoe is a city that retains many history traces of Japan. Apart from the luxurious warehouse-style buildings and her special city construction, Kawagoe is also a famous ancient city in Kanto region which is full of traditional folk flavor. Capturing unique and sweet wedding photos in this timeless city is just like giving blessings to the endless love between the nuptial couple. Kawagoe is located in the heart of Saitama ken and is a developed from an underground city back to the 17th century in Edo period. Kawagoe is also designated as Japan’s Traditional Building Preservation District. Your Overseas Wedding’s Japanese team is dedicated to use the most professional and beautiful shooting style to incorporate the charm of this exotic small town together with the most nature and romantic atmosphere in the gorgeous wedding photos.
Tokyo Downtown
Thousands upon thousands of couples continue to choose to take wedding pictures at Tokyo, Japan. With numerous fantastic views and our professional Japan wedding photography team, you will gain the most unforgettable and romantic wedding pictures in this charming city. Tokyo is the officially Tokyo Metropolis. With over 12 million populations and the GDP of US$1.191 trillion at purchasing power parity in 2005, this city was ranked by the international lifestyle magazine Monocle as the third Most Liveable City in 2009. The subway and rail system is one of the busiest networks in the world. As of October 2007, an estimated 12.79 million people live in Tokyo with 8.653 million living within Tokyo's 23 wards. Being one of the three world finance "command centers", along with New York and London, Tokyo has the largest metropolitan and economy in the world. With the Japan's largest domestic and international hub for rail, underground and air transportation as well, Tokyo transportation is dominated by an extensive network of efficient trains, buese and subways run by a variety of companies.
Karuizawa Snow
Being one of the most beautiful towns in Japan, Karuizawa is a popular winter and summer getaway with skiing and shopping. Additionally to graceful touches like natural landscape and traditional Japan styles temples create a serene environment. Surrounded by the fascinating views of Karuizawa, wedding couples show their brightest smile in the photos. This place is one of the best wedding locations for couple to celebrate their big day with ceremony at our astonished chapels. Amidst the wonderful natural environment, Karuizawa brings sensational experience for wedding couple to enjoy a relaxing time. Hot sprints, spa treatment, shopping centers, golf club, restaurants and skiing, all facilities are fully-equipped. This is the place where you may enjoy a fun and romantic vacation. Every couple could feel like a princess and fairytale wedding to hold the celebration in our chapels.
kamakura temple
Located in Kanagawa, Kamakura is one of the historical and charming cities in Japan. With full of beautiful natural landscape and spectacular Japanese styles architectures and temples, you will gain the most unforgettable and romantic wedding pictures in this lovely town.
Hokkaido Japan Wedding Photos
Furano, located in the heart of Hokkaido, is a popular wedding photo capturing venue of Hong Kong nuptial couples. Furano is known for her endless and color flower fields. The unique sceneries of the 4 distinct seasons attract countless nuptial couples to experience this amazing flower paradise every year. Purple lavender, pink cherry blossoms, the yellow of yellow mustard flowers, sunflowers, colorful tulips, white potato flower, golden wheat fields, green fields Kobayashi and white snow add an irresistible charm to Furano which attracts numerous nuptial couples decide to capture their wedding photo in this gorgeous flower paradise. The professional Japanese photography team of Your Overseas Wedding is experienced in capturing the most beautiful and touching wedding photos of wedding couples with their unique shooting style. Regardless of any type of bloom or seasons, we will endeavor to provide you with the most attentive carefree service In order to make your journey unforgettable and have the sweetest wedding photos captured.
Hokkaido Japan Wedding Photos
Sapporo, the major city of Hokkaido in Japan, is the only city constructed in rectangular street blocks of North American style in Japan. The famous Shikotsuko-Toya National Park in Sapporo provides a chance for nuptial couples to experience the merge nature into the urban city. There are together 4 distinct seasons in Sapporo and each of them has their own unique attractiveness. In spring, Cherry Blossoms and Lilac Blossoms can be found everywhere in the Odori Park. In summer, all the streets in Sapporo will be covered a great variety of gorgeous flowers. In autumn, maple and chrysanthemum will attract many couples to take their wedding photos here. In winter, the white snow covers Sapporo with a romantic atmosphere.

Since 2012, Your Overseas Wedding has become one of the supported organizations of “City of Sapporo”. Throughout different channels, we cooperate to promote the pre-wedding service in Sapporo City. Your Overseas Wedding proudly presents the pre-wedding photo service in the city of romance in Japan – Sapporo. Our Japanese photography team is dedicated to provide all the best for the nuptial couples and let them immerse themselves in the beauty of Sapporo and freeze all these romantic and lovely moments into forever memories.

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Sapporo City
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Hokkaido Japan Wedding Photos
Otaru, a city of romance and nostalgias, is covered by different style of ancient buildings. The famous Otaru Canal exudes an incomparable exotic romance and the nostalgic surroundings make people indulge in the beauty of Otaru. On top of this, the world-famous Otaru Music Box plays the intoxicating music which adds a charming ambiance to this romantic city.

Otaru is one of the long history port cities of Japan. With the influx of various cultures, different styles of European architectures are scattered over the city. Together with the Japanese-style streets which perfectly demonstrate the local culture, Otaru exudes an exotic atmosphere that is completely different from other port cities. Your Overseas Wedding’s Japanese team is dedicated to use the most professional and beautiful shooting style to incorporate the charm of this exotic small town together with the most nature and romantic atmosphere in the gorgeous wedding photos.
Takayama, Japan Wedding Photos
Takayama is one of the most unique places in Japan. With numerous history-filled streets and our professional Japan wedding photography team, you will gain the most unforgettable and unique overseas wedding pictures in this ancient city. Takayama is a city with a long history having an atmosphere of a city full of old Japanese castles. Characterize houses are found everywhere in Takayama. Having your pre-wedding photography shooting in Takayama can help you create the most unforgettable memories by enjoying the special atmosphere there.
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