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Australia Overseas Pre Wedding Photo Shooting

- Wedding gown, tuxedo and accessories
- Make up and hair style
- Transportation
- All high resolution photos
- 30 pcs photo retouch
- 8 x 12” 20 Pages wedding album

Overseas Pre-Wedding Package

Australia Overseas Wedding Ceremony Locations:
Cairns, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Blue Mountain, Little Bay, Hamilton Island

Wedding Ceremony
Cairns, Australia Wedding Photos

Cairns, a major city located in Queensland of Australia, has numerous gorgeous natural landscapes: plateaus, farmlands, rainforests, lakes, beaches and waterfalls. And among all these attractive sceneries, the most outstanding one should be the Great Barrier Reef and Tropical Rainforest. The different styles of sceneries in Cairns can bring infinite surprises to all nature-lovers couples and provide the sweetest ecosystem trip to them.

Our professional team in Australia is experienced in arranging romantic wedding for all nuptial couples. We are dedicated to arrange the attentive trips for every couple so as to let them enjoy the wedding here in Cairns, have a taste of the different beautiful natural landscapes and have their unique wedding photos captured with all these natural beauties.

Gold Coast, Australia Wedding Photos
Gold Coast

No matter local Australians or visitors from other countries, they are always full of imagination towards the Gold Coast which makes Gold Coast the most aspirated resort all over the world. Gold Coast is made up of 35 beautiful beaches lining up all the way from the North to the South as an impressive golden ribbon, couples with endless white sandy beaches as well as the clear blue sky and sea, Gold Coast attracts many nuptial couples to capture their most romantic wedding photos here every year.

Gold Coast belongs to the subtropical climate with a year-round sunshine. The total length of the golden ribbon made by the endless beaches is 42km which creates an impressive natural landscape. The clear water attracts numerous surfing and water sports lover to show their skills here. Wedding photos taken in Gold Coast can not only give you a chance to capture the most romantic and impressive scene, but also let you immerse yourself completely in this paradise and capture the most energetic wedding photo.

Brisbane, Australia Wedding Photos

Brisbane is a classical city with modern hearts. With International buildings along the two sides of Brisbane River and the traditional buildings found in the city, Brisbane exudes an irresistible mysterious atmosphere. The professional photography team from Your Overseas Wedding is dedicated to capture the fascination of Brisbane together with the romantic atmosphere of the nuptial couples and help you create the most unforgettable memories.

Brisbane is the third largest city in Australia. With a gifted geographical location, Brisbane enjoys the charming subtropical climate all the year round. There is a beautiful Brisbane River which separates the city into two which creates gorgeous natural landscape like river banks, hills, highlands and parks for Brisbane. These beautiful landscapes are most suitable for nuptial couples who love natural beauty and wish to capture a series of touching wedding photos out of it.

Sydney, Australia Wedding Photos

Sydney, a city full of lovely sunshine and beautiful scenes, could make you forget all the stresses from your busy life. Your sweetest overseas wedding memories could be created in front of the famous landmarks and receive endless blessings in this charming city. Our staffs in Australia are all experienced in overseas prewedding photography and wedding planning in order to provide the best services for every couple with sincerity. No matter Sydney Opera House, Hunter Valley Gardens, little but distinguishing chapels or Gothic chapels, we will provide all the best services to you.

Blue Mountain, Australia Wedding Photos
Blue Mountain

Listed as World Heritage Site, Blue Mountain is surrounded by numerous beautiful landscapes. Blue Mountain is named after the blue mist found there which provides a feeling of mystery and romance and attracts many nuptial couples to have their overseas pre-wedding photo shooting here.

The landscapes in Blue Mountain vary according to different seasons. In spring, cherry blossom, peach blossom and crabapple are found while maple, birch wood and Deciduous Cypress are found in autumn. Our Australia professional staff such as professional photographer, wedding planner and make up stylist will help you capture the most wonderful overseas wedding photo here together with the beautiful landscapes.

Little Bay, Australia Wedding Photos
Little Bay

Located in the south-eastern Sydney, Little Bay is a paradise-like coastal suburb. Throughout the whole year, Little Bay is surrounded by lovely blue sky, white clouds and the crystal clear sea. On the white beach of Little Bay, you can find many characterized rocks which attract numerous couples to take their pre-wedding photo here and capture the most beautiful and unforgettable moment.

Your Overseas Wedding’s professional Australian team is experienced in taking wedding photos. We believe we can provide the best overseas wedding photo services to every single couple which can capture all the romantic and sweetest moment.

Hamilton, Australia Wedding Photos
Hamilton Island

Being known as the heaven on earth, Hamilton Island not only is famous of her beautiful sceneries, but also through the campaign “The Best Job in the World” which became the hottest talk of the town. The island is surrounded by emerald Coral Sea, white sandy beaches and all year round beautiful clear blue sky and white clouds. Numerous nuptial couples are attracted by these unique beauties of the island and aspire to have their dream wedding on this lovely island.

Hamilton Island is located in the world’s biggest Great Barrier Reef islands in the heart of the Whitsunday in Queensland. The weather is comfortable and pleasant all year round. Despite the world’s famous beaches and seas, there are many romantic attractions around the island e.g. All Saints Chapel - the romantic paradise that every couple will visit, One Tree Hill – the best view point of the island, Beach Club Garden- the resort with beautiful grassland, the adorable Heart Reef, fairytale liked Whitehaven Beach etc. All Saints Chapel, One Tree Hill and Beach Club Garden are all popular places that wedding couples choose to have their romantic dream weddings.
Your Overseas Wedding’s experienced team in Australia is dedicated to arrange the best wedding for you and assists you to create the most unique, touching and romantic memories ever in your life.

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