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Karuizawa Pre-wedding Photo

Prestige Church Weddings in Karuizawa

With the incorporation of natural environment into modern design, Stone Church is one of the most unique churches in Karuizawa. Overwhelmed with Japanese cultural ambience and western architecture, Karuizawa Kogen Church is yet another all-time favorite wedding venue where east meets west. Due to the legal enforcement of marriage, there is an upcoming trend of Hong Kong couples pledging their life-time commitment in Karuizawa which is only an hour’s travel time from Tokyo.

Your Overseas Wedding is committed to providing wedding packages to all our customers in this refreshing little town with romance and perfection.


Church in Nature.Stone Church

Designed by Kendrick Kellogg, the most famous “Organic Architecture” from America, Stone Church is mainly built with stone and glass. Inspired by the world-renowned master architect Frank Lloyd Wright, Kendrick incorporated the concept of five natural elements into the surroundings of the church. Based on the geographical advantage of there, he put forward the ideas of “stone, sunlight, water, green and wood” and designed this church in nature. “Stone” represents strong men, while “glass” symbolizes the soft and gentleness of females. When sun light penetrates through the stone and glass, the couple pledges their solemn oath under the light rays, receiving the most genuine blessings embraced in the nature.

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  Stone Church Wedding

Kogen Church


Church with Authenticity.Kogen Church

Tracing back to the 20’s, where history of Karuizawa Kogen Church began, a group of Japanese philosophers gathered together for exchanging ideas and education. Survived from the World War II, along with the beauty and breathtaking view of Karuizawa, the church allured people from all walks of life to gather in there for cultural purposes. Karuizawa Kogen Church is located at the hub of the green highland, with a triangular roof extended to the ground, resembling the little magical houses in fairy tales. This simple yet dedicates architect is surrounded by the scent of wood together with a warm and loving atmosphere. Natural sunlight came from the entrance windows paves the path for the valentines and leads them to eternal love.

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Your Overseas Wedding provides both legal and symbolic weddings in Karuizawa, with a professional Japanese crew and customized arrangements for couples to travel to Karuizawa for an extraordinary overseas wedding. We offer one-stop service to every couple, including borrowing of wedding gowns, accessories, Japanese hair stylists and make-ups, church rental and venue arrangement, church decorations, live choir and musicians, symbolic wedding certificates, flower shower, ring cushion, celebrant (conducted in English), on-day service charges and tips etc.

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For further details, please contact (852) 8102 2243 or leave your contact information through the link below. Our wedding planners would contact you as soon as possible.

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