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In order to bring an extraordinary treasure and magical moment to every couple, Your Overseas Wedding offers the most professional wedding photography service at different sparkling cities. All the packages aim to deliver the most instant, professional and affordable packages to you. You are most welcome to book an appointment with us, so that we can share the sophisticated wedding planning experience with you and your love.
Bali Overseas Wedding

峇里婚紗攝影 Bali

Bali is one of the most energetic and fabulous travel attractions in the world. We surely you will discover most funny and delightful wedding experience from this tropical world. Let's savour the sweetest moment and gain great wedding pictures from here.


Kamakura Japan Pre-wedding

東京日本婚紗攝影 Kamakura, Japan

Located in Kanagawa, Kamakura is one of the historical and charming cities in Japan. With full of beautiful natural landscape and spectacular Japanese styles architectures and temples, you will gain the most unforgettable and romantic wedding pictures in this lovely town.


Kawagoe Pre-wedding

東京日本婚紗攝影 Kawagoe, Japan

Apart from the luxurious warehouse-style buildings and her special city construction, Kawagoe is also a famous ancient city in Kanto region which is full of traditional folk flavor. Capturing unique and sweet wedding photos in this timeless city is just like giving blessings to the endless love between the nuptial couple.


Hokkaido Sapporo Wedding Pre-Wedding Photo

東京日本婚紗攝影 Sapporo, Japan

Sapporo, the major city of Hokkaido in Japan, is the only city constructed in rectangular street blocks of North American style in Japan. The famous Shikotsuko-Toya National Park in Sapporo provides a chance for nuptial couples to experience the merge nature into the urban city.


Furano Pre-wedding

東京日本婚紗攝影 Furano, Japan

Furano, located in the heart of Hokkaido, is a popular wedding photo capturing venue of Hong Kong nuptial couples. Furano is known for her endless and color flower fields. The unique sceneries of the 4 distinct seasons attract countless nuptial couples to experience this amazing flower paradise every year.


Otaru Snowing Wedding Pre-Wedding Photo

東京日本婚紗攝影 Otaru, Japan

Otaru, a city of romance and nostalgias, is covered by different style of ancient buildings. The famous Otaru Canal exudes an incomparable exotic romance. On top of this, the world-famous Otaru Music Box plays the intoxicating music which adds a charming ambiance to this romantic city.


Tokyo Pre-wedding

東京日本婚紗攝影 Tokyo, Japan

Thousands upon thousands of couples continue to choose to take wedding pictures at Tokyo, Japan. With numerous fantastic views and our professional Japan wedding photography team, you will gain the most unforgettable and romantic wedding pictures in this charming city.


Karuizawa Wedding Pre-Wedding Photo

東京日本婚紗攝影 Karuizawa, Japan

Karuizawa, Japan is a popular winter and summer getaway with skiing and shopping. Surrounded by fascinating views of Karuizawa, wedding couples show their brightest smile in the photos. This place is one of the best Japan wedding locations for couple to celebrate their big day with ceremony at our astonished wedding chapels.


Kyoto, Japan Pre-wedding

東京日本婚紗攝影 Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto, one of the most charming cities in Japan, includes spectacular and traditional locations for many wedding couples to feature their love moment. Let's arrange the most delightful experience with you in this romantic place. No matter bringing your wedding dress abroad or using our kimono rental service, we will assist you to be the beautiful bride on the pre-wedding photo shooting day.


Takayama, Japan Wedding Pre-Wedding Photo

東京日本婚紗攝影 Takayama, Japan

Takayama is one of the most unique places in Japan. With numerous history-filled streets and our professional Japan wedding photography team, you will gain the most unforgettable and unique overseas wedding pictures in this ancient city.


Okinawa, Japan Pre-wedding

東京日本婚紗攝影 Okinawa, Japan

Exchanging your sweetest and eternal wedding vow in Okinawa, a place with beautiful sea, lovely blue sky and gorgeous coral, is the dream of many couples. Having your overseas wedding ceremony or pre-wedding photography in Okinawa will let you experience the blessings from angels and leads to the sweetest and most romantic moment ever in your life.


Sydney, Australia Wedding Pre-Wedding Photo

澳洲悉尼婚照攝影 Sydney, Australia

Sydney, a city full of lovely sunshine and beautiful scenes, could make you forget all the stresses from your busy life. Your sweetest overseas wedding memories could be created in front of the famous landmarks and receive endless blessings in this charming city.


Cairn, Australia Pre-wedding

澳洲悉尼婚照攝影 Cairns, Australia

Cairns, a major city located in Queensland of Australia, has numerous gorgeous natural landscapes: plateaus, farmlands, rainforests, lakes, beaches and waterfalls. And among all these attractive sceneries, the most outstanding one should be the Great Barrier Reef and Tropical Rainforest.


Gold Coast, Australia Wedding Pre-Wedding Photo

澳洲悉尼婚照攝影 Gold Coast, Australia

Gold Coast belongs to the subtropical climate with a year-round sunshine. The total length of the golden ribbon made by the endless beaches is 42km which creates an impressive natural landscape.The clear water attracts numerous surfing and water sports lover to show their skills here.


Whitsunday, Australia Pre-wedding

澳洲悉尼婚照攝影 Hamilton Island, Australia

Hamilton Island is located in the world’s biggest Great Barrier Reef islands in the heart of the Whitsunday in Queensland. The weather is comfortable and pleasant all year round. Despite the world’s famous beaches and seas, there are many romantic attractions around the island.


Brisbane, Australia Wedding Pre-Wedding Photo

澳洲悉尼婚照攝影 Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane is the third largest city in Australia. With a gifted geographical location, Brisbane enjoys the charming subtropical climate all the year round. There is a beautiful Brisbane River which separates the city into two which creates gorgeous natural landscape like river banks, hills, highlands and parks for Brisbane.


Blue Mountain, Australia Pre-wedding

澳洲悉尼婚照攝影 Blue Mountain, Australia

Listed as World Heritage Site, Blue Mountain is surrounded by numerous beautiful landscapes. Blue Mountain is named after the blue mist found there which provides a feeling of mystery and romance and attracts many nuptial couples to have their overseas pre-wedding photo shooting here.


Little Bay, Australia Wedding Pre-Wedding Photo

澳洲悉尼婚照攝影 Little Bay, Australia

Located in the south-eastern Sydney, Little Bay is a paradise-like coastal suburb. On the white beach of Little Bay, you can find many characterized rocks which attract numerous couples to take their pre-wedding photo here and capture the most beautiful and unforgettable moment.


Seoul Pre-wedding

東京日本婚紗攝影 Seoul, Korea

Seoul, a charming city with a long history and beautiful natural landscapes attracts numerous couples to gain their sweetest overseas pre-wedding photo.


Busan Wedding Pre-Wedding Photo

東京日本婚紗攝影 Busan, Korea

With lovely villas along the beautiful bay, Busan is the perfect place for you to enjoy the most romantic and unforgettable pre-wedding photos atmosphere.


Jeju, Korea Pre-wedding

東京日本婚紗攝影 Jeju, Korea

Surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes, Jeju would be your wonderful place to enjoy your sweetest overseas wedding moment. Let’s create your love story at this pleasure land in Korea.


Bangkok, Thailand Wedding Pre-Wedding Photo

蘇梅泰國婚紗攝影 Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is a hot travel spot for many people in Hong Kong. Despite the fact the Bangkok has a lot of shopping balls or night market, Bangkok still has numerous attractive scenes that you have never imagined. The mystery feeling of Bangkok attracts many couples to have their overseas wedding shooting and create the most unforgettable memories here.


Huahin, Thailand Pre-wedding

蘇梅泰國婚紗攝影 Huahin, Thailand

Immerse yourself and experience your dream overseas wedding photo journey in this beautiful place – Hua Hin. With our carefree and professional service, your wedding pictures will be full of beautiful and surrounded by astonishing ocean and natural views, this experience will bring you the unforgettable memory with you true love.


Phuket, ThailandWedding Pre-Wedding Photo

蘇梅泰國婚紗攝影 Phuket, Thailand

Have you ever thought to capture your unforgettable wedding moment or wedding ceremony in this spectacular travel attraction – Phuket? This extraordinary paradise will bring you magical moment and sweetest wedding experience which etch in your hearts and minds forever. You will enjoy your delightful overseas wedding or pre-wedding photo shooting experience with astonishing and beautiful locations at Phuket.


Koh Samui Wedding

蘇梅泰國婚紗攝影 Koh Samui, Thailand

Have you ever thought to enjoy your wedding experience in this spectacular tropical Island? This extraordinary paradise will bring you magical moment which etch in your hearts and minds forever. You can exchange your touching wedding vows and take sweetest wedding pictures with your love from beautiful island.


Prague Pre-wedding

Czech Republic Pre-Wedding Prague, Czech Republic

Prague Castle was built in 9th Century and she was the Capital of Roman Empires. It is now the largest city and the Capital of Czech Republic. Prague is famous of various styles of European Buildings. Gothic & Baroque are the most representative styles.


Hong Kong Pre-wedding

Czech Republic Pre-Wedding Hawaii, Honolulu, USA

Hawaii is known as The Paradise of Pacific, one of the most romantic place in the world. Fragrance in the air, sandy beaches, lovely blue from famous Waikiki beach together with the strong Aloha Spirit attracts numerous nuptial couples to have their wedding here, creating the most romantic wedding memories.


Hong Kong Pre-wedding

香港中國婚紗攝影 Hong Kong

Hong Kong, one of the romantic cities in the world, will definitely bring unforgettable memories for your love. With the amazing scenes and resplendent night views, you will absolutely take some extraordinary pictures from here. Let’s join us and let your princess dream comes true today!


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